Frederick Library is responsible for supporting users with up to date access to academic information and related services, as well as provide a wealth of archived, often rare, resources to the whole Frederick community and the general public.

The University operates well-equipped libraries at both the Nicosia and Limassol campuses with a wide range of printed and electronic resources. Students have free and immediate access to books, journals, periodicals and electronic and rich media material. Services include book lending, inter-library loaning, use of in house facilities (e.g. photocopiers) and access to study spaces / group meeting rooms

Over the past decade, the Library has heavily shifted its investment towards electronic sources, allowing access to a very broad collection of publishers for academic periodicals as well as e-books. These resources can be accessed also remotely by members of the community through connection to the university’s computer network (VPN)

Both libraries host a small cluster of computers that users can use for work, Internet access and access to electronic resources, as well as access to specialized software.

An expert team of librarians helps all visitors utilise the libraries information resources and are ready to assist with specialized inquiries and guide users to relevant information sources.

All members of the University, (students, academic and administrative staff and researchers) are entitled to use the Library as long as they are holders of the University Card that allows access to all Library collections.

Access to the general public.

In line with the university mission statement, the university library aims to offer its services to the general public. Being an inner-city university, we wish for the library to be a center-point for the local residents as well as to the broader community for supporting quests for knowledge and investigation. To this end, all libraries are accessible to the general public, allowing the use of both printed and online material. Visitors are provided with temporary access codes to allow them connection to the internet and with this access to all electronic resources available by the library. Similarly, the library provides access to visitors to all general-purpose computers available.

Furthermore, visitors can request access to specialized software available at the university for non-commercial use via the virtual computer laboratory.

In short, the library offers all its services free of charge to any visitor as it does to members of the university community, with the exception of book lending and facilities for remote access.

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